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Unfortunately there is no 2019 version of the Gross Income Calculator. You can use the tax rate calculator to determine the gross income. More information: Veronalainen palkkatulo ulkomaisen yrityksen maksaessa nettopalkkaa Suomessa tehdystä työstä (Guidance in Finnish and Swedish only).


Purpose of use

You can use this Calculator if your employer is based in another country and you have agreed with them that you will be paid a net amount. Your employer pays you your net compensation and takes care of your income tax in Finland. They will not collect the paid taxes from you later.

This Calculator gives you an estimate of the correct gross income. It is the sum of two components: your net pay + the taxes that your employer pays on your behalf. Use the Calculator when your net pay is your only employment income during the year, and your employer has not agreed to cover taxes on any other income you may have. The income tax paid by your employer is added to your income for the year when you received your net pay.

For more information, see the guidance article ”Employment contracts that define the employee's pay in 'net' terms”, designed for employees working in Finland whose employer is based in another country.

Amounts included in the net pay

Net pay as it is defined in Finland for tax purposes includes all payments paid to the employee or on their behalf on which the employer pays the taxes. They include:

  • Cash pay
  • Fringe benefits
  • Bonuses
  • Mandatory charges paid by the employer in another country on behalf of the employee.

Calculated Finnish tax

Calculated Finnish tax is the tax to be paid on your taxable pay from employment. Your taxable gross income is the sum of net pay and calculated Finnish tax.

If the result of the calculation corresponds to the final tax, you will not get back tax or tax refunds. 

Some deductions and credits are granted automatically during the assessment procedure; others are claimed by the taxpayer. Pension and unemployment insurance contributions are also deducted automatically.

Illustration of an employee's taxation in Finland

Net pay for the calculation of taxable gross income 85,000.00
Calculated Finnish tax 56,187.62
Taxable gross income (85,000.00+56,187.62) 141,187.62
Tax paid by the employer during the tax year 56,187.62
Final tax in the year following the tax year (determined in the assessment process) 56,187.62
Back tax (determined in the assessment process) 0.00


How to enter the numbers  

Enter the amounts in euros with no more than two decimals, the comma being the separator character between euros and cents.
Therefore for €1,000.25 you must type 1000,25.

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Gross Income Calculator